14.11. taler-exchange-keyup(1)

14.11.1. Name

taler-exchange-keyup - set up Taler exchange denomination and signing keys

14.11.2. Synopsis

taler-exchange-keyup [-d DIRNAME | –exchange-dir=DIRNAME] [-h | –help] [-m FILE | –master-key=FILE] [-o FILE | –output=FILE] [-r DKH | –revoke=DKH] [-t TIMESTAMP | –time=TIMESTAMP] [-v | –version]

14.11.3. Description

taler-exchange-keyup is a command line tool to setup Taler denomination and signing keys. This tool requires access to the exchange’s long-term offline signing key and should be run in a secure (offline) environment under strict controls. The resulting keys can then be copied to the main online directory where the Taler HTTP server operates.

Its options are as follows:

-d DIRNAME | –exchange-dir=DIRNAME
Use the configuration and other resources for the exchange to operate from DIRNAME.
-h | –help
Print short help on options.
-m FILE | –master-key=FILE
Location of the private EdDSA offline master key of the exchange.
-o FILE | –output=FILE
Where to write a denomination key signing request file to be given to the auditor.
-r DKH | –revoke=DKH
Revoke the denomination key where the denomination public key’s hash is DKH.
Operate as if the current time was TIMESTAMP.
-v | –version
Print version information.

14.11.4. See Also

taler-exchange-httpd(1), taler-exchange-keyup(1), taler-exchange-keycheck(1), taler.conf(5).

14.11.5. Bugs

Report bugs by using https://gnunet.org/bugs/ or by sending electronic mail to <taler@gnu.org>.